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The Reconnection LLC phenomenon

There’s been a bit of a lot of noise these days around the famous press release that The Reconnection LLC has sent to its practitioners. Now what can I say – it’s either that Dr. Pearl has found a manager who is set to totally discredit his company and his work, or it can be a fear-based reaction to some crisis, or a situation that the universe is pointing us to so that we can balance and heal it.

You see, somehow, everyone feels that something “doesn’t sound right” about this reconnective healing stuff. Everybody’s got that. Some of us recently, some of us not so recently. Just that, up to now, everyone was looking for the trick in the healing itself. It’s not where the trick is. The healing might even work (not that anyone knows, but maybe), when facilitated in integrity and from a pure place, rather than from a ‘love-of-self’ type of consciousness. The trick is indeed in how it “sounds” – in the deceiving show created around it, in the attempt (funny, if we care to really look at it) to manipulate the divine intent of this work and use it so that some gain benefits from others, rather than share it so that all get benefits from the work itself. It works, but we don’t really tell you how it works, and when we show you a few things, then we “don’t allow you” to use it or talk about it, so that no one can see that it’s actually not at all the way we say it is and that we are in it for some totally different reasons… and that’s how everything becomes an endless loop of branded fear pretending to “share a work of love”. The pure intent of the Source here might be to clean this work from impurities and bring it back into integrity, but the only ones that I notice to be out of alignment with the integrity of the work and waving their hands for bunches of dollars and touting aberrant messages and acting totally against the very philosophy of reconnective healing is the gang at The Reconnection LLC. (Well, that might also be because they have a very well-thought strategy of shutting up everyone else, and a lot of “police” around to diligently implement it.)


Among all those aberrant characters at The Reconnection, there is only one guy for whom we can assume that the story of reconnective ‘healing’ is true (maybe even in the very way he still shares it sometimes) – and that is Eric Pearl. All the others are just convinced (at various levels of their being) that his story is true – and they engage their energy into their own petty interests and develop all sorts of machinations to convince others as well. In other words, they’ve all deceived themselves and gave up their own words for the words in someone else’s story, and they took advantage of the context and situation to climb in positions of so-called teachers or mentors or presenters, where they share their own deception to others. They forgot to live the healing work itself and evolve to the consciousness of healing and they worked hard at creating a wall of fear inside and around themselves, and focused on putting together an image of love that they believe to be love, on creating a sparkling show to disseminate a story already void of life. So now they got to a point where they perceive as “dangerous” anyone (maybe even Pearl himself, if he himself was to remember integrity at some point in this life) who’d come to them and say hey, it’s not really how you say, I have a different experience, let’s talk it through and bring it together…


As for this press release and its following amendments, I incline to see it as an effect of confusion, misunderstanding, lack of clarity, pointing to a place that needs healing. It is obvious that The Reconnection LLC has a problem at this moment, at least in terms of taking the reconnective healing work forward, so they react out of fear. Eric Pearl is currently only teaching a small, small portion of his own work – a small part of a seminar that will not mean anything by itself anyway (under the alleged “new rules” of The Reconnection LLC), while the work of the Reconnection itself (Level III) is now almost exclusively taught by people who just borrowed his story and are now disseminating a standard text, an image void of truth, a form void of essence, a technique void of consciousness. After all, censoring communication and interfering with their own practitioners’ business development through aggressive, old-pattern market practices are just signs of a big pain that is now coming to light, to be acknowledged and healed. (No, I am not the only one in this situation. This is not some personal war, it’s not some specific Romanian communist trick – it’s a very deliberate strategy that The Reconnection LLC is implementing from their central offices or allowing for a long time already. Just that this is now coming to light and we all have the opportunity to see it.)

My perception is that this happens because this strategy they are running is somehow very out of alignment with the work of healing and evolution. Someone got very far away from healing and started listening to some other “frequencies”, to some other voices. So maybe now is the moment when the divine intelligence creates a context for all, it invites us all to step into a healing equation and decide what voices we listen to and go by. It’s a good opportunity for each and every one of us to find again the voice of the truth and the path of the Light – but also the opportunity for us to evolve to a new level of consciousness, a somewhat roomier place, and find new ways to interact with each other and shine together, heart by heart, to heal and bring back into balance the various intensities of light in our world.

Update 2016: Actually this is all deliberate delusion. The only intent of these galactic bullies is to distort truth and mess up your being and life. There’s no ‘evolved’ consciousness or evolution or healing, there has never been any. Just a bunch of very aggressive thieves doing what they know best: steal, lie and kill to protect their scam.

So then let’s remove the interference, let truth back and have some real healing, magic Travellers!