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Update on December 2017: I still keep this text on the blog, and that is only for the comment that it has attracted at that time (see below), and because The Reconnection organised crime group is striving so hard to remove such comments from everywhere. Meanwhile, as you probably noticed from newer posts, the Reconnection mafia has exposed itself and its intentions a bit more, and their lies and abuse have been exposed almost totally (probably in the rest of the world too, not only on magicInsight and not only in Romania).

There is a criminal trial against The Reconnection crime group (actually, mainly against their representatives in Romania). It is not very likely that it would go too far, considering the capacity of the local Snake lady to lie to the courts and the capacity of the crime group to influence people at a distance… However, the trial and the restoring of the Truth and of the dignity of Life on Earth is not my work. There is a greater plan at work – and it’s not the plan of the reconnective criminals 🙂

Technically speaking, the “reconnection” practised by the Reconnection crime group is soul stealing and connection with the darkness. I will explain that in some other post. Meanwhile, stay away from the “practitioners” around Pearl. Certified or not, by interacting with them, you give them license to harm you.


It’s been about seven years or so that I’ve been working with this method of healing and I feel it’s time to put together and clarify some of the concepts and answer some of the questions that most people seem to have about this work. The nature of these questions points to a whole knot of fears and myths that seem to have built up around reconnective healing; from what I can tell, this is just the expression of deliberate lack of clarity at various levels and its only result is to generate false expectations and prevent us from seeing the truth behind this ‘work’.

There’s a number of “myths” circulating around and I might tackle them separately in individual posts, but one of the “myths” I want to talk about now is the personal Reconnection and the famous “333 USD exchange”.

Now you know me or not, but what I am telling you here is stuff that I live myself – and stuff that comes from the ‘teaching’ that I heard and from my experience with the people who allegedly ‘teach’ it. Besides the seminar where I learned the work myself, in 2008, I’ve had the privilege to “participate” as an interpreter in about seven other seminars, taught by various instructors from The Reconnection LLC (some are still in their “team”, while others are not). What is interesting, though, is that Eric Pearl no longer teaches the Reconnection work itself, and those who now seem to be in charge with “teaching” it – although they work with a standard seminar format, all they convey with it is what seems to be a standard technique, the meaning and purpose of which seem to have been forgotten, with no roots in real-life experience of evolved, “reconnected” consciousness. Actually, all these “instructors” do now is present and sell a product that they call “the personal Reconnection”, the price of which is 333 USD and the purpose or use of which we no longer remember or understand. However, they seem to be very keen about not letting everyone sell it – which is understandable, to some point… Of course, The Reconnection LLC might stand for a different opinion. But my attempts to clarify the dissonances between the philosophy they “teach” and the way it is conveyed and applied in real life by their mentors and instructors were all dismissed with “yeah, we know, they didn’t get the price right”. Oh well…

Also, there’s a lot of stories you can hear about freemasons and dark symbols and Jews running the world – I really don’t know what to say about stuff like this… It’s really crucial to be aware and develop an ability to evaluate people and situations correctly. And for that, we really need to know who we ourselves are and where we stand in the flow of life… It’s really crucial to be able to discern when you are dealing with a wolf as opposed to sheep – and it might be desirable that you don’t expect the wolf to ever be anything else but a wolf.

Such stories are also fueled by the very aggressive and abusive market strategies that The Reconnection LLC is running in order to maintain some sort of power position, or at least a “fair” share on the “Reconnection market”. Now come on, let’s be serious. Let’s look at this with open eyes – Eric Pearl or no Eric Pearl, The Reconnection LLC is a corporation. Corporations are those things that are placed in the world and running to generate profit. Everything else is… marketing.

The way in which The Reconnection LLC is currently communicating about and conveying the work of the personal Reconnection is obviously serving various interests, but not the interest of presenting and conveying a sacred work and helping people to integrate it as an instrument of personal evolution. Now we hear that the personal Reconnection will give you super-powers; it will make you an instant healer and super-enlightened 1777-dimension master; it will connect you to the “quantum field”, so that you can dip your fingers into it and give some to the othert as well; that it will give you headaches and make you end up in a nut house; that it will open your third eye and make your kundalini flow straight out through your ears; that it will connect you to Pearl’s network; that you can’t get it if you have no money; that “The Keys of Enoch” and benevolent Pleiadians and “brothers of light”…

Well, let’s have one thing clear: the ‘personal reconnection’ that Pearl talks about has nothing to do with the ‘Keys of Enoch’ and with the axiatonal work that J.J. Hurtak talks about. The ‘instructors’ from Pearl’s school will give you some mesmerizing theory out of which practitioners – and people in general, including Hurtak until a while ago – get to understand that this is axiatonal work; however, the source that gave Pearl his ‘work’ is… and entity called Solomon/ Aaron that knocked down unconscious some of Eric’s patients to convey through them the ‘philosophy of the work’. Not that I give much truth value to Hurtak’s work, but this is not about it.What I am saying is, these are two different things; Pearl himself admits that he chose the name ‘reconnection’ for his method as his marketing manager at that time was perusing through Hurtak’s book while waiting for Pearl to begin his speech in a conference, and his eyes were caught by this word ‘reconnection’ on one of the pages. Everything else, again, is cleverly crafted marketing speech.

People are attracted to the personal Reconnection because it’s surrounded by a jingling cloak of sparkling promises. It’s very rare that people are truly interested in evolution, or in humbly nurturing something that they discovered inside themselves to share it with everything that is. Rather, people are looking to “buy” some procedure that will activate their “dormant powers” (everybody has them anyway, and we all “deserve” them in this lifetime) or feed some other impulses of their energy-wasting ego… and since we’re at this, why pay anything for it anyway, it’s a “work of god”.

Only, the ‘work of god’ is the work of god inside you. Just like no one can love instead of you, no one can do god’s work instead of god 🙂 Let’s travel on with our eyes open and our hearts pure, magic Travellers!

Lots of Love