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Update on December 2017: I still keep this text on the blog, and that is only for the comment that it has attracted at that time (see below), and because The Reconnection organised crime group is striving so hard to remove such comments from everywhere. Meanwhile, as you probably noticed from newer posts, the Reconnection mafia has exposed itself and its intentions a bit more, and their lies and abuse have been exposed almost totally (probably in the rest of the world too, not only on magicInsight and not only in Romania).

There is a criminal trial against The Reconnection crime group (actually, mainly against their representatives in Romania). It is not very likely that it would go too far, considering the capacity of the local Snake lady to lie to the courts and the capacity of the crime group to influence people at a distance… However, the trial and the restoring of the Truth and of the dignity of Life on Earth is not my work. There is a greater plan at work – and it’s not the plan of the reconnective criminals 🙂

Technically speaking, the “reconnection” practised by the Reconnection crime group is soul stealing and connection with the darkness. I will explain that in some other post. Meanwhile, stay away from the “practitioners” around Pearl. Certified or not, by interacting with them, you give them license to harm you.



Lots of Love