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“If you want to heal children, go wave your hands in front of the hospital. But do you know who I am?! I am here to teach them; that’s something totally different!”

Andra Ivanov, Reconnective Kids! instructor

Edit in December 2017: Meanwhile, it proves that “higher consciousness”, or light, or intelligence or evolution has nothing to do with the Reconnection phenomenon and with Pearl’s bunch of bullies. Kids’ classes, in this case, are not a child-friendly event; they are, plain and simple, child abuse. Performed right there, in front of the parents and with the parents’ (misinformed) “consent”. Stay away – and keep your kids away from these “certified” bullies.

At some point (somehow after Romania was included on the map of the reconnective healing world and the seminars were brought here), we noticed that The Reconnection LLC came up with an offer of “teaching reconnective healing to kids” – that’s their Reconnective Kids program..

I can’t figure out the logical (short)circuits that led to the idea of teaching healing work to children, and I don’t understand the need for such an effort either. Definitely not within the context of educating new consciousness, and in the name of something you call “evolution” (a very volatile concept describing a process that you choose to step into and that will require you to make profound personal choices along the way). I mean yeah, we were told that, “if you want to heal the children, go wave your hands in front of the hospital. But do you have any idea who I am?! I am here to teach them; that’s something totally different!”. We were also told that “as they see how easy it is for children to learn this work, the parents may become interested in taking our seminars too…”. Just that, at some point, you really can’t take such explanations seriously.

First of all, from what I noticed, reconnective healing is not some cure-all snake oil, best super-pill on the market. “Healing” in this case is a totally different concept, at a totally different level. It’s totally different than “hey kiddo, get over here and heal my headache!” – “Yes mum, but can I finish building my Lego car first?”.

On the other hand, the work of healing others while healing yourself requires a certain type of dedication. Forcing a child into learning and practicing a form of healing just to heal mom’s headache (or just because, in fact, mom would like to practice healing, but the kids class is cheaper… or simply because it’s the year when you need to re-confirm your status at The Reconnection LLC, or gather some more people for some seminar) is a highly perturbing action in the child’s environment – an intervention of force, interfering quite aggressively with the child’s natural evolution.

Of course, interaction in a higher-vibration, pure-consciousness field brings about huge benefits for everyone, including children. Of course, we all want what’s best for the children (and “what’s best” does not mean “what I didn’t/cannot have”!!!). Of course, I am not saying that there are no children who might truly want, from the bottom of their heart, to learn to work with the frequencies and heal others and themselves. But let’s not forget that everyone has the innate ability of knowing what’s best for themselves. Even a 4-12-years-old. And if they don’t know, then maybe we better do something to help them find out as soon as possible, rather than telling them what we think is best for them. Even if they will do stuff to please you, at some point, even the kids (or especially the kids!) will pick up the real intention behind your actions 🙂

And also, let’s not forget that the work of healing and the path of the healer – just like any other path of evolution, after all – is a path of Grace, not a path of force. A path of process, not a path of results. A path to walk awake; a path you choose – and a path that chooses you. A path you open yourself to and walk upon by your own choice, with your own impulses and desires, not a path you are pushed or pulled to by someone else’s desires and interests and dreams. You don’t give a child a personal Reconnection before they get to an age where they can make a conscious choice about it – so then, how do you teach them to be healers?! Just like that, because you are bored on a sunny Sunday afternoon?!

And if we dare to look a bit farther down the road in this dream, maybe we’ll notice that healing might not even be the job of the children. Maybe the children are here for something else – and maybe, in order for them to have room to do something else, they need us to heal ourselves and provide them with a healed world to live in. Maybe what they want for us is that we stop wasting our time; that we stop overwhelming them with our own dreams and get busy with bringing those dreams through ourselves. Maybe they are just waiting for us to really get busy with the healing – or whatever we need to do – so that they can really do what they are here to do…

Researchers say that monkeys can do everything humans can do. The only difference is that, at some point, the human will stop and ask himself why he is doing what he is doing. So let’s use this moment and wake up a bit – let’s remember who we are and take a moment to ask ourselves (or remember) why we actually do what we do.