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Reconnective Healing

The reconnective healing system was developed by dr. Eric Pearl. It is a form of healing where the practitioner activates a vibratory field that is different from the field we are usually aware of and operating with, thus facilitating deep healing and return to balance of the entire being.

The reconnective healing session is your opportunity to move into a refined state of consciousness and become deeply aware of how you relate to your inner and outer world, and trigger a process to realign your being into healthy, balanced patterns and attitudes.

„If you are lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate it. If you are very lucky, your healing will take a form you never even dreamed of – one that the universe has in mind especially for you.” (Eric Pearl)

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Personal Reconnection

The personal Reconnection is your chance to let the Path find you and carry you to the manifestation of your Life’s full potential. In the two sessions needed for the personal Reconnection procedure, the practitioner will facilitate the reconnection of your light-body, and realign and reactivate the necessary energy circuits to allow for a full functional integration of this part of your being in your everyday life.

You don’t have to, but we do suggest that you consider scheduling 1-3 reconnective healing sessions before receiving your personal Reconnection.

Schedule your personal Reconnection using the form at the end of the text

About the sessions:

You will be asked to lie down on a massage table, close your eyes and relax. It is best that you release all expectations and just be present with your experience. It is not necessary – actually, it is not even recommended – that you meditate or pray or visualize or repeat affirmations during the session. Be open to the experience and present with its reality, and allow yourself to be free from the need to receive a specific type of experience or result, so that your being can find the best way to come back to balance.


A reconnective healing session will usually last about 45 minutes. Even though one brief interaction with this powerful vibration of truth might be enough, it is still recommended that you consider scheduling 1-3 healing sessions.

The personal Reconnection will always require 2 sessions carried out on 2 consecutive days.

Fees: Your contribution for the personal Reconnection procedure is USD 333. The fee for a reconnective healing session is 50 EUR.

The Origins of the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing

Reconnective healing and the Reconnection are two different processes. The Reconnection is a planetary work of consciousness evolution, and it is this evolution of planetary consciousness that makes the healing phenomenon possible. Dr. Eric Pearl has developed the personal Reconnection as a method of personal evolution and conscious participation in this planetary evolution, and the reconnective healing system and philosophy, for those beloved entities that have chosen to participate in this planetary evolution of consciousness as healers. Eric Pearl no longer practices reconnective healing and the Reconnection, and he explains that teaching is “more efficient”. His company, The Reconnection LLC, continues to promote (in a strictly commercial sense) Eric and his seminars. You can find more details about their products at The Reconnection online.

FOR YOUR PROTECTION: Since he gave up his practice, Eric Pearl teaches reconnective healing and the Reconnection, and there have been about 70.000 people in the entire world who have taken his seminars. However, it is good to know that his seminars are organized and deployed exclusively through his company, The Reconnection LLC – and exclusively using a framework of structures oriented on generating profit, rather than conveying the method. Let your heart open and listen – and you’ll always hear the intentions that drive the heart of the person in front of you. Stay blessed!

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DISCLAIMER: Reconnective healing and the personal Reconnection are not medical procedures and are not used for diagnosis or exclusive treatment of any health issues or disease. Please continue to visit your doctor and any other healthcare practitioners you might be working with, and please continue to follow any medical treatment or care that has been recommended to you.

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